Building a
service company
that takes Japan
into the future

“Is there something we can help you with?”
By keeping that simple question in mind as we do business, we have become a company that has broken new grounds time after time, offering services that can be found nowhere else. 
By taking our ideas for solving customers’ problems and turning them into new businesses, we have become the company to call for providing services throughout Japan.

We have reached a point where, in conjunction with numerous partners around the country, we can reliably devise solutions that have never been thought before.
We are happy to help you and make ourselves useful in ways that can accommodate you.
Today, we have reached our status by keeping that feeling in mind.

Up to this point, and going forward as well, our basic philosophy is to serve our customers’ needs in ways that bring people together.
The Japanese term we use to describe the way we serve our customers is goyo-kiki. This term was used in the Edo period to refer to the services of merchants who went door to door to each customer and took orders for products. 
Particularly in this era when the connections between people have become so tenuous, those of us who serve the needs of others can play a useful role in society.

No matter how much society changes, our attention will remain focused on the small problems in people’s daily lives. 
We want to provide the very best service in Japan, no matter what the problem is. 
Our dream, and our goal, is to create the first company in Japan that truly serves people’s needs.

Hiroaki Ito, President and CEO