Basic Information Security Policy

PAPANETS Co,.Ltd. rigorously manages the information assets that we and our customers own, and we fulfill our social responsibilities on the basis of comprehensive information security.

  1. We observe all laws and other requirements with respect to information security.
  2. In the operation of our information security management system, we earn the trust that our customers place in us by setting, implementing, and revising objectives (goals) so as to manage information more effectively.
  3. We receive and issue orders using methods that take fully into account the security of the customer information that we utilize in doing our work, so customers can rest assured that their information is secure.
  4. We make all of the employees who do our companyʼs work aware of the importance of information security, and we conduct the education and training that are necessary for employees to utilize information assets properly.
  5. We have implemented the optimum security measures for information assets, and we continuously improve them through our information security management system.

Revised:March 2, 2017
Hiroaki Ito, President and CEO

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