Social Media Usage Policy

Regarding the official social media accounts of PAPANETS Co., Ltd., we observe the following attitudes, behavior, and basic manners.

  1. Awareness and Responsibility in Disseminating Information through Social Media
    1. We are constantly aware of the fact that information disseminated on the Internet can be accessed by an unspecified number of users.

    2. We are fully aware of the considerable impact that the dissemination of each individual’s information can have.

    3. In disseminating information, we will strictly comply with laws and regulations, as well as the internal regulations established by PAPANETS Co., Ltd.

    4. We recognize that information is correct at the time of dissemination and may change thereafter.

    5. We are constantly aware that communication through social media between employees and users and society in general builds good relationships, and that this will contribute greatly to the improvement of the PAPANETS Co., Ltd. brand.

  2. Attitude Regarding Participation in Social Media
    1. Do not forget to listen to what the other person says.

    2. Be responsible for the dissemination and handling of information, and be careful not to cause a misunderstanding.

    3. Refrain from disseminating any content that contains personal information.

    4. Understand that once published, information cannot be completely deleted.

  3. Prohibited Conduct
    1. Acts that infringe upon a third party’s copyright or portrait rights, a third party’s reputation by slander/defamation, or other rights

    2. Quoting content, articles, etc., of a third party without permission

    3. Divulging confidential information of a company

    4. Encouraging illegal behavior

    5. Other acts contrary to corporate social responsibility

  4. Notice and Request to Customers and Users

    Not all information posted by PAPANETS Co., Ltd. (employees) on social media necessarily represents official announcements or opinions of PAPANETS Co., Ltd. Thank you for your understanding. Information on official announcements is provided on the PAPANETS Co., Ltd. website and in news releases.
    Furthermore, please note that information on social media is current at the time of posting and subject to change thereafter.

Hiroaki Ito, President and CEO

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