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System service

“Jun-kun”, a support system for managing inspection patrol work

We have developed an original system to support inspection patrol work for property management. Inspections are conducted according to a checklist that is displayed on an iPad. Photographs are taken at required points and immediately stored in the form of data, so the system can automatically generate an accurate report for presentation to the owner in short order.
For consumable parts such as light bulbs and the like, model numbers, quantities, and storage sites are also displayed, so all sorts of information can be managed at once.

Content of inspection patrol work for main building (real estate)
  • • Exterior inspection
  • • Fire extinguisher inspection
  • • Light fixture inspection
  • • Common areas inspection
  • • Bicycle parking and parking lot inspection
Optional tasks
  • • Common areas cleaning
  • • Weeding
Work flow
Office work (preparation)
  • Access and log into patrol system.
  • Input code and password for inspector, and download information on properties to be inspected.
  • Those two simple steps enable patrol work to be done.
Patrol work
  • At the site, perform the inspection work in accordance with the inspection sheet that is displayed on the iPad, input data as necessary.
  • For images, just capturing an image on the iPad causes image report sheet data to be created automatically.
Office work
  • Upon returning to the office, the inspector uploads the data from the iPad to a server.
  • The image report sheet is created automatically.

Automatic report sheet creation
The purpose of an inspection is to assess the current state of a property and to quickly identify any problem areas in a building, so that the problems can be promptly addressed. More accurate inspection reports and images are therefore essential for tenants to live comfortably and without worry. The creating of inspection reports and image report sheets has typically been the most cumbersome part of the work process, but our system makes it possible for these documents to be created easily as part of the normal work flow.

Example of Services
Regular building inspection patrols

Our specialists conduct inspection patrols of managed properties on a regular schedule.

Vacant unit inspection before new tenants move in

We conduct inspections of units into which new tenants will move, as well as other units.

Services provided
  • • Dust in room
  • • State of water supply, state of drains, toilet, bath
  • • Circuit breakers, etc.
Rental container inspection

Inspection and management of container equipment, use of incidental equipment, etc.

Services provided
  • • Inspection reports
  • • Equipment checks
  • • Cleaning

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