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Management company support services

We aim to be the best partner for both the management company and the owner and to continually provide residential services that are better in every way.

Regular building inspection patrol service

Buildings and facilities are inspected as the management company or owner would do, photographs are taken, and a written report is posted on the Web. Because information is input on-site on an iPad, and the data are transmitted, the management company can accurately ascertain the state of the property, making paperless management a reality. Inspection patrols and reporting are not limited to condominiums and apartment buildings, but can also be used for rental container storage sites.

Cleaning service

In addition to tasks such as cleaning the common areas and maintaining the light fixtures of condominiums and apartment buildings, our support services include cleaning vacated units and changing the locks on their doors. Where necessary, we perform high-pressure washing of common areas such as entrances and the like. When inspecting a rental unit before new tenants move in, we check for soiling, damage, and the like in floors and wallpaper, then do basic cleaning such as wiping down surfaces and sweeping the floors, so that the tenants can feel comfortable in their new home. When inspecting a rental container storage site, we clean vacant containers and signage.

Equipment supply management service

We provide total support for setting up month-to-month rental apartments and company housing. Our total support includes supplying, setting up, and managing of all the necessary equipment, such as electrical appliances, furniture, miscellaneous items, eating utensils, and the like. Whether it’s cleaning a vacated unit and changing its locks, or providing rentals of linens and bedding, leave it to us to get the job done.

Repairs and follow-up care

When small-scale remodeling work (replacing wallpaper, curtains, air conditioners, and the like) is needed on a house or condominium after it is sold, when rental containers need repair, or when locks need changing on a condominium or apartment, we’re the people to call.

You can have us provide these services as a total package, or you can order any one service on its own.

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