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Interiors and Total Support

From materials procurement to interior fixtures, delivery, installation, and home staging; 
We provide a wide range of materials to support the demand of home builders and interior designers.

Materials procurement

We provide the necessary materials, such as lumber, textiles, and the like, by seeking them out wherever they are, be it in domestic or overseas markets. Our direct supply lines from timber producers in every region of Japan enable us to supply customers with high-quality domestic lumber.

Design, Layout

For example, when you want to produce original furnishings for a home/office; or when you want to design the total layout for a restaurant or store, including lines of movement. Our highly experienced specialists will give you the best advice.

Home Staging, Interior Coordination

We undertake home staging of housing showrooms for condominiums and houses, as well as open rooms for condominiums. We also have substantial experience with interior coordination for condominiums. Feel free to consult us about coordination for showrooms and the like.

Sales and Rental Contract Support

We handle retailing and wholesaling of furniture, curtains, light fixtures, and the like from several first-rate manufacturers, as well as the rental of furniture. Through our tie-ups with various manufacturers, we also do event planning for sales exhibitions, interior design fairs, and the like. We also sell our own original furniture made with domestically produced materials, with a focus on utilizing sustainable resources.

On-site assessment and measurement

On behalf of curtain manufacturers and retailers, we conduct on-site assessments and take measurements at homes, shops, and other properties, providing a speedy response to customers’ needs.

Nationwide Shipping Network

From the PaPa Net’s Order Processing Center, we ship interior products nationwide, from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

Assembly, Installation, and Construction

Our delivery personnel work according to the customer’s needs, doing everything from assembling to installing furniture. We also help with the mounting of curtains and blinds.

Repairs and follow-up care

After the products have been delivered, do not hesitate to call on us for repairs and follow-up care.
We provide a wide range of follow-up care and maintenance, even for products that we did not make, sell, or deliver.

You can have us provide these services as a total package, or you can order any one service on its own.

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