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Personal Information Protection Policy

Protection of Personal Information

At PaPa Net’s K.K., we believe that the proper management and protection of information, including personal information, is a responsibility that we have to our customers in order to preserve their trust.
Accordingly, we have established rules and created a management system for the protection of personal information, including personal information about our employees. We have also formulated a policy for the protection of personal information, as described below, making sure that all officers and employees of the company are familiar with the policy, so that personal information will be protected appropriately.

Personal Information Protection Policy

  1. We use personal information that we have obtained from a customer for the range of purposes for which the customer has agreed to have the information used, and we do not use the information for any other purposes.
  2. We have implemented appropriate preventive and corrective measures in order to prevent the leaking, loss, destruction, or the like of personal information.
  3. In a case where a person requests that personal information be disclosed, corrected, added, or deleted, we shall strive to respond promptly to the request in an appropriate manner, in keeping with social norms.
  4. We shall respond promptly to complaints and comments regarding the company’s handling of personal information.
  5. In the operation of our personal information management system, the company shall observe all laws, as well as other requirements and guidelines, with respect to personal information.
  6. The company shall designate a personal information protection manager, who shall be invested with the authority for operations and accountability and shall manage personal information appropriately. The personal information management system shall be audited on a regular basis and shall be revised accordingly, so as to be continuously improved.

March 1, 2014
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